Hamaray Log


When it was established ?

Hamaray Log is a NPO working to promote social and youth empowerment in lines with talent appreciation and promotion in Pakistan

Hamaray Log is a concept unique yet very multi-dimensional in its nature, the organization was founded on July 7th 2016 it aims at promoting youth empowerment in Pakistan as one of its main hardcore agendas, we believe the power of youth is the key to future empowerment of this nation, and thus we aim at empowering the youth to its fullest.

What is Hamaray Log ?

Hamaray Log is an idea crafted by the young minds of this nation where we tend to promote the values and core fundamental policies of talent appreciation social empowerment and educating the masses of this nation.

We have developed a core structural layout in which we tend to engage the audience of Pakistan via appreciating them, promoting their journeys to depict a sense of confidence, a sense of resilience, a sense of pride and a sense of empowerment that every voice matters and every journey counts.


To boost our potentials and to fully connect with our audience in ground we have also launched multiple programs that tend to support education for the underprivileged, social drives for the deprived segments of the society and to empower them with the belief that there is someone for them, your contributions matter and Hamaray Log tends to make their dream a reality.

We have also launched some creative and unique programs for the youth of this nation and the most important of those programs is our vice president program, our VPs serve as the catalyst of change in their respective provinces and tend to highlight every single positive activity that tends to take place. in a broader perspective, their mission is to serve Hamaray Log by highlighting every positive vibe out there and we have successfully accomplished our VP program in every corner of this nation.

Hamaray Log also have the Ambassador Program. We tend to capitalize the talent in universities, colleges and schools to bring out the positive yet more constructive vibes that the youth of this nation must offer.

Hamaray Log is the power of the youth and with time it will get bigger and better and we are sure together we will achieve the landmarks to create a platform that aims to promote youth at its fullest.

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